Neighborhood Review Guideline

Neighborhood Review Process

The Neighborhood Review Process consists of the following steps:

  1. Prepare a Notification Letter and distribute to appropriate property owners.
  2. Provide feedback to the applicant on any meaningful neighborhood concerns and work with the applicant to address these concerns, as appropriate.
  3. Conduct a Neighborhood Meeting, when applicable.
  4. Review all neighborhood inputs and consider them when making the approval/disapproval decision for a project.
  5. Document all neighborhood comments and the rationale for those not addressed, by the approved/disapproved decision, in the Project File

When to call a Neighborhood Review

Call for a Neighborhood Review when:

  1. The proposed project may have a significant impact on the views, harmony property values, or interest of the owners of nearby properties. (In this case the "notification letter" will solicit inputs/comments.)
  2. When the ACC feels it is necessary to inform the neighbors that a construction project has been approved (without neighborhood input.) (In this case the "notification letter" will inform the neighbors of an approved project.)

When to call a Neighborhood Meeting

Call for a Neighborhood Meeting when:

  1. Two or more neighbors that request one.
  2. The tone of the comments received by the ACC indicates the neighborhood is uneasy about the design of the project.


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